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A brief description of the imprint methods available for your promotional product choices. The method of imprint is driven by the type of promotional product.  We can suggest to you the correct method for the product selected!

Custom Embroidery
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Screen Printing
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XXtreme Embroidery
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Texturize your logo by choosing embroidery. Any cloth product, and  especially corporate apparel, looks great with the vibrant stitching. In the embroidery process, your logo is changed to a digital image and then assigned color threads. This process makes use of spot colors and a screen to transfer your logo onto your selected item.  Screen printing is generally the most inexpensive option. The Ultimate in Embroidery art. Our embroidery artist works off a photograph of your choice. Then your design is sewn onto a apparel item of your choosing.
These are embroidered works of art and become heirloom pieces.
Pad Printed Laser Etched Satin Etched
An inked image is transferred from a photo-etched plate to a think, soft silicone pad. The pad is then pressed against the plastic part. The pad can wrap itself as much as 180° around a small object, and ink coverage is excellent. This process creates sharp, crystal-clear logos that are unable to be peeled off. Without ink or tool bits, this process is simple, clean, and easy. Logos are programmed into the laser software and then executed onto your items. Satin Etch is the process of imprinting a frost-type color effect on the glass.  The idea behind Satin Etch is to give a look and feel of an actual etching in a piece of glassware without the high costs.
Direct to Garment Printing Heat Transfer Foil Stamped
DTG printing is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized inkjet technology. Good for detail pictures When the Heat Press is placed atop the shirt and design, the Heat Transfer paper melts into the fibers of the clothing thus making it part of the shirt without disturbing the top image. The application of metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid surface by application of a heated die onto foil, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the die.
Debossed Embossed Full Color Printing
Debossing is the opposite of embossing; the area around the image is pressed so that the image is pushed down into the material rather than raised.  In embossing, an image is pressed into the material so that the image raises from the surface. Full Color Printing Uses CMYK color palette to provide full vibrant detailed printed promotional products.
Created a art pattern with Fabric that that is then sewn on with outlining embroidered satin Stitches. Often See on Sports jackets with letters in felt and the outline in stitches.