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Our goal is to use out expertise to minimize your stress, deliver the product your need, on  budget, on time. We are about your convenience and want to ensure that at the end of the day you are happy with your products and our service.

It is how we expect our vendors to treat us and we set the standard. We strive for a partnership, to build trust, based on service and expertise.

The same approach you want your clients to feel when they deal with your organization.


"I need pens for a trade show in two weeks. Expected traffic flow is 2,500 people daily.  So I need 7,500 and I want to keep it at  .75 cents per pen. Total expected budget $5,625.00.  You're thinking 75 cents all in per pen. You may need to get  a .25 cent pen that will end up maxed out at 75 cents after artwork, set up, proofing and shipping. If you are on the internet looking at .75 cent pens you might end up at $1.50 all in and double your budget in a blink of an eye to  $11,250.00 OUCH!  With only two weeks to order, proof, produce, ship and receive you do not have time for "a do it again" order. 


For a simple pen order alone here are some of the questions that need to be addressed.

Pen Selection Outside Color of  Pen Does it need to be PMS Color matched to Logo This is the first easy question you are asked in Pen Purchase Land.
River Horse Graphics can match you Logo's PMS Colors!

Ink Color Red Blue Green...etc. This is the second easiest question.
Style of Pen Click, Push, Turn, Plastic,
Metal, Cushioned section?
Annoyed yet?
Pen Point Fine or medium, Roll Point What do most customers really like. They have to use it. Pens with a good hand feel and writing smoothness get kept and that's the goal.
We check  out 1,000's of pens all the time. 
Additional Features Stylus, Light? Adds to appeal  adds to cost,  What are your competitors doing and why?
We can guide you.
Artwork Need Vector but only have a jpeg or a concept. Drawing on a napkin. It's OK Cost to Create Vector . Varies by vendor .
It is a one time cost with us forever not matter what you order in the future as long as the logo remains the same!
Set Up Varies from Vendor to Vendor This is the cost to test that the  production run will work. Can be charged based on number of colors or imprint method and as a set fee.  
Imprint Method Pad Printed, Etched, Stamped Why choose one over the other?
We know. You don't have to.
Proofs Hard Product Proof or Virtual Proof How long to provide? Is there a proof charge and related shipping charge?
Our Job to Know
Yours to Approve.
Return Policy Credit, Replacement or Refund Under what terms ? These are custom items and usually customers if they accept a proof and its delivery as ordered on time are non refundable
River Horse Return Policy
Packaging Do you need individual packaging or the product delivered in bulk Add a nice touch and often use for employees versus an open trade show.  
Personalized Are individual names being added in addition to you logo. Usually used for higher price point pens used as awards.  
Shipping Typically based on weight and size of container Are they basing shipping on USPS rates, UPS rates, Fed EX, or their companies personal shipping rates.  This is a place where the pricing can get out of hand Your $250 pen order just cost you $200 to ship and its to late to reorder from another.
River Charges USPS, FED EX and UPS RATES and you may use your own accounts if that is your preference.